In terms of the environment, we have a wide catalog of services.

Management and advice

Do you have a company and you need someone to manage the environmental part for you because you want to focus on your activity, because you don’t have time or simply because you want a group of knowledgeable professionals to solve any event that may arise on the environment?

In Agalterra we provide different services of continuous attention for the environmental management of companies, adapting to the volume of work of our clients. If you are interested, you can contact us without obligation to assess which plans we offer are best suited to your business.

The services we offer within these plans, as well as individually are:

Environmental authorizations

Many companies are required to obtain certain permits from the public administration in order to carry out their activity legally and responsibly. We can offer advice, preparation and processing to obtain those authorizations that need to be acquired.

Some of the services we offer in this field are:

Environmental evaluation

Many projects require a prior evaluation of the effect of these in the natural environment. The professionals who work at Agalterra have experience in environmental evaluation of spanish projects, both for the study prior to the development of the project and for the processing of the administrative environmental evaluation procedure.

Some of the studies we offer are:

Other services

We can also carry out numerous technical studies, both for companies and public organizations.

If you need an environmental study, do not hesitate to ask us what you need to help you.