About us

Agalterra S. Coop. Galega, is an environmental consultancy formed by a group of professionals specialized in different disciplines whose objective is to offer the best services to their clients while maintaining their commitment to the environment.

Our company arises from a group of workers with years of experience in different fields who, after having known the needs of public and private companies, came together to offer the solutions that best reconcile socio-economic development with the protection of the environment.

You may have noticed the acronym S. Coop., we have chosen to be a cooperative society instead of the usual S.L. or S.A. because of our philosophy, in which we stand out for equally valuing the opinion and knowledge of all our members in order to face the challenges that are presented to us with many points of view.

Our objective is to promote the coexistence of human beings with natural resources through what we do best: the preparation of environmental studies and business advice.

Agalterra costa galega

Our values and the elements that differentiate us from others are:

Network of professionals

We have trained personnel and a network of specialized collaborators in different fields

Flexibility and proximity

We adapt to the needs of our clients to offer just what they need

No extra costs

Our ethics and way of working allows us to save costs, being able to offer the best prices

Seriousness and trust

We are rigorous in the development of our projects while maintaining a familiar relationship with our clients


We dedicate our efforts entirely to the satisfaction of our customers, sustainability and equality

Among many other commitments, we work firmly on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

We continuously show our commitment to the climate.

Agalterra is proud to be a member of the  Alianza Galega polo Clima.


Some of the entities we have worked with or that already trust us:

Agalterra has participated in the APROL-Social Economy and Xempre Emprendemento programs.