About us

Agalterra is an environmental consulting firm formed by a group of professionals specialized in different disciplines whose objective is to offer the best environmental management services, environmental consulting or technical assistance.

Our objectives are to find the solutions that best suit our clients while promoting the protection of the natural environment.

Flor Agalterra

We have a wide catalog of services. These include the environmental management of companies, obtaining environmental authorizations, environmental evaluation, technical studies and many others.

You can consult our services section in more detail here.

  • Waste management: registration in official lists, transfer of waste to an authorized manager, waste reduction programs …
  • Contaminated soils: soil situation report, soil quality investigation, recovery of contaminated soils …
  • Atmospheric emissions: REGADE, APCA control, emissions calculations, carbon footprint …
  • Water quality: analytical controls, discharge permits, calculation of the water footprint …
  • Registrations and authorizations in official Registries of Producers and Waste Managers
  • Registrations and authorizations in REGADE
  • Wastewater discharge permits
  • Preliminary environmental feasibility studies of projects
  • Inicial Documents Studies for Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Management of allegations and public information
  • Monitoring of environmental declarations


  • Emergency plans for drought situations
  • Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans for Municipalities (PACES)
  • Action Plans for energy saving
  • Emissions Calculation
  • Evaluation of environmental requests
  • Environmental training for citizens and professionals
  • Environmental monitoring of facilities and services
  • Maritime Interior Plan Calculation of carbon footprint of organizations and products
  • Green image management
  • Inventories of fauna and flora

In Agalterra we want to find solutions to your problems. Contact us to analyze your case.

Alejandro Outeiriño Rodríguez Street

Number 15, 1º floor, door 2

P. C. 32003

Ourense, Galicia (Spain)

Phone: +34 988 09 44 23